Thursday, March 5, 2015

Writing prompts for March 2015

After a year and a half... I'm back.

Now, it's two weeks to Ostara, and this time Spring Equinox is pretty amazing with the solar eclipse.

I have three prompts for today:

This is the astrological chart for Ostara 2015
Write about what you see.

Watch Solar (R)Evolution the movie. I won't be putting in a link to the movie, because I don't want to alarm the people watching over copyright... I believe this movie is something everyone should see, and I think I would be watching it several times, but I don't have money and I believe there are others out there with no money. If you can purchase it, great!
Be warned though. It's very heavy. I had to take some time off from the movie several times, it was just too much to digest at once.
Now, this is MY opinion, and if you think the movie is boring and stupid, it's OK.

The third prompt is "living planet"
Watch Avatar and Final Fantasy; The Spirits Within
then read this: Could Living Planets Exist?

Ponder the possibilities. If you think the answer is "no" and all this is poppycock, go ahead and write that. Write a story about a person trying to fight the superstitions and paranormal beliefs people have. If you think the answer is "yes", write about such a planet.
If you think the answer is "yes, and we live on it/her/him", write a story about the awakening awareness of Gaia.